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What We Do

What We Do

LibLime delivers one of the more innovative technology platforms available to libraries today, bringing new realities of open access, interoperability, and rapid, flexible development. Libraries and consortia of all types and sizes deploy these solutions with confidence. LibLime support couples the concept of open development with the security of outstanding customer service relieving libraries of the need to have expensive technical resources on staff.

Hosted in LibLime's distributed cloud computing data center, hundreds of libraries are able to alleviate their internal IT support needs. No software installed on desktops and no servers required in the libraries.

In keeping with open development tradition, library-sponsored enhancements to LibLime Koha are available for others to use. LibLime makes sponsored development available at the request of, and on the behalf of, the sponsoring libraries.

LibLime Solutions

The world's first and most advanced open development integrated library system backed by Premier Support.

What you need to know:

  • No software installed on desktops, and no servers required in the libraries
  • Completely Web-based and built on MySQL - all data is readily accessible to all users via a Web browser
  • Hosted in LibLime's cloud computing data center and distributed via Software as a Service (SaaS) - hundreds of libraries worldwide are able to alleviate their internal IT support needs
  • Highly scalable: hundreds of libraries, tens of millions of records
  • Pricing based on bibliographic record count
  • Includes functional upgrades and fixes throughout the year
  • Access to LibLime Users list-serv
  • Unlimited customization options through shared sponsored development.
  • Backed by LibLime’s professional support team

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