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"Having taught cataloging and classification for a few years I have found one of the stumbling blocks is how to effectively teach the importance of what MARC 21 coding does for the patron, so I'm very excited to have students create records in a real environment, observe how MARC tags and indicators effect the OPAC display, and to see how indexing works."

Bobby Bothmann, University of Illinois

"I would like to thank LibLime team very much for this generous Koha with Class program, which would go a long way in training and learning among us in the institute. "

Derek Lui, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Who is participating and what they're saying about the project

Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX

Instructor: Dr. Diane Neal
Course: Library Technology Systems
Program: School of Library and Information Studies

"My goal has been to provide a safe environment for students to explore the process of configuring integrated library systems, the communication issues and management decisions involved in a system configuration, and the nature of open source software."

-- Dr. Diane Neal

Clarion University in Clarion, PA

Instructor: Lisa McColl
Course: Cataloging and Classification
Program: Library Science

"This is a wonderful service. I was actually planning on creating my own database backed website to serve this "hands-on" purpose. I don't know if I have enough skills to do that, however. This is a perfect solution for me."

-- Lisa McColl

Documentation Research & Training Centre of the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Centre

Instructor: Prof. K.S. Raghavan
Course: Cataloging Theory & Practice
Program: Library Science

“I would like to thank LibLime team very much for this generous Koha with Class program, which would go a long way in training and learning among us in the institute, Cataloging Theory & Practice paper is part of the course for the first year M.S. Library and Information Science Students. In this course, I assist Prof. K.S. Raghavan in practice sessions. My classes are planned to familiarize the students with MARC and AACR2 cataloguing codes. With Koha getting more popular in India as free ILMS with its amazing features of support of Unicode-compliance for Indic script, superior cataloguing module of creating records, importing records from other cooperatives, it would be more beneficial for the students, learning by a live demonstration than manual practice."

"I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to teach my Library software class with an ILS that is actually relevant rather than using Access or InMagic. This is truly a wonderful program!"

Tara Wong, Algonquin College

“I came to your website ready to search for a contact I could bargain and plead with, to allow me to use a Koha Express instance in my class this spring. Imagine my surprise when I found that you had already thought of this, and put the infrastructure together for it, five years ago!”

“I think this is a fabulous idea, and I very much hope that you are seeing a great payback as new professionals enter the field bringing with them a willingness to explore open-source and hosted solutions for library systems needs.”

Professor Doug Erikson, University of Washington

“I found out about the program at the 2011 ALA Midwinter meeting, talking with Patrick Jones (Director of Operations, LibLime) about my need as a cataloging instructor, for the students to have a cataloging program they could use as a supplement to the coursework.”

“I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to try this out with my students. It will be a real boon for the students to be able to download, edit, and create cataloging records in an actual ILS.”

Allison Kaplan, University of Wisconsin
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