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LibLime Academic Koha

LibLime Academic Koha

LibLime Academic Koha is the premier open development ILS tailored to the needs of academic libraries. LibLime Academic Koha has greatly expanded core Koha functionality with many features that support the daily workflows of academic libraries.

The design and development of LibLime Academic Koha is guided by academic librarians as well as LibLime. Function-based Design Committees are made up of volunteers from the sponsoring libraries to create the development specifications for enhancement. LibLime does the development, and the Design Committees provide Alpha testing.

LibLime Academic Koha Enhanced Feature Set

GetIt Acquisitions

LibLime's enterprise-class library acquisitions solution:

  • Web Services based acquisitions client
  • Hierarchical fund accounting supports multiple fiscal periods and ledgers
  • EDI support for ordering, invoicing
  • “Grid” or template ordering for bulk orders in multi-branch settings


  • Simple search syntax: uses limits and search rules to narrow searches and focus in on an exact match
  • Browse indexes:to access authority controlled fields with linked bibliographic records
  • Music records: uses the rich MARC bibliographic data to search specific types of work, based on instrumentation, key, and other key music identifiers
  • Facets: provide search focus by identifying common data points from a results list, as well as limits relating to locations, statuses, and material types

Course Reserves

  • Create, edit, and delete courses as needed
  • Establish a list of courses set up by department or professor
  • Course descriptions contain a variety of course-related metadata including department, number, section, name, term and multiple instructors
  • Manage links between a course and one or more item records
  • Term Loans, hourly-based loans, and day-based loans

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