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Cost Effective Commercial Open-Source Software for any Library

Q. LibLime Koha is open-source software; doesn’t that mean it’s free?
A. Yes, LibLime Koha is open source and, so LibLime Koha is free, in fact you can download it yourself from a number of sites, including here.
LibLime is an open source support company and we were established in 2005 to work with libraries that wish to run LibLime Koha but do not have the internal resources to manage a system.

LibLime offers the following services:
-Professional project management for your LibLime Koha implementation
-Set up and implementation of your LibLime Koha instance
-LibLime Koha Training
-Migration of legacy data
-Hosting and support (help desk and online ticketing system)

Q. How much is LibLime Koha?
A. The LibLime Koha software is open source and therefore free. Libraries contract with LibLime for fee-based LibLime Koha implementation, consulting, development, and support services. Our service price list is based upon collection size to determine the costs for these services. The collection size is the number of unique titles in your library. Our entry level pricing is for libraries with up to 25,000 unique titles in their collection.

Q. Does my organization have to install any software to use LibLime Koha?
A. No. LibLime Koha is a 100% web- based application and can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. LibLime Koha is not a ‘thick’ client like Evergreen or the traditional proprietary ILS systems. These applications require software installation on all staff machines. All LibLime Koha functionality is accessed by staff, administrators, and researchers through a Web browser.

Q. Who owns my data if it’s hosted?
A. LibLime simply hosts your data in your LibLime Koha in our distributed computing cloud platform. LibLime does not run your LibLime Koha, nor does LibLime add or delete your data. All of your data is your data. LibLime can provide you local data backups if required. If your support contract expires and you choose not to renew, LibLime provides you with a complete set of all of your data delivered to an FTP site of your choosing.

Q. What does LibLime Koha hosting mean?
A. Because LibLime Koha is 100% web- based, no software goes on any machines in your organization. LibLime hosts your LibLime Koha database (including all of your data and your configurations) in our distributed computing cloud platform. This service is included as part of your annual maintenance contract. By combining LibLime hosting with LibLime Koha Web access, your organization does not need to invest in any new hardware or software installation to run LibLime Koha.

Q. What kind of services do you provide?
A. Our LibLime Koha implementation services are provided under the guidance of a dedicated, professional Project Manager. The services include 1) set up of your LibLime Koha instance in LibLime’s distributed computing cloud platform; 2) administrative configuration and modular configuration of the LibLime Koha software to meet your organization’s policies and procedures; 3)migration of your legacy data; and 4) modular and administrative training for your staff by one of our professional librarians. We also brand your OPAC with institutional colors and logos. Our hosting services include all server related IT support - including all backups, upgrades and general system administration of the hardware and operating system for your LibLime Koha configuration. No hardware is needed in your organization, and no software needs to be installed on your computers.

Q. How do I get support?
A. As a LibLime Koha customer you have access to our customer support team directly via our online customer support portal, our toll-free number, or our email support address. Our support staff is made up of librarians, IT professionals, data analysts, system administrators, technical writers, and software programmers.

Q. Am I locked into a contract?
A. LibLime services are available via an annual subscription, which covers hosting, maintenance, and support.

Q. Is my data secured?
A. Yes. Your LibLime Koha is hosted in LibLime’s secure distributed computing cloud platform, which ensures both reliability and security for your data. Logical data backups are performed every four hours on your production LibLime Koha. Full-system backups are performed nightly on your production LibLime Koha. All backups are stored in a secure sector of the cloud.

Q. Can I customize LibLime Koha?
A. Yes, most libraries customize the look and feel of their OPAC. You can see a variety of different customizations from the libraries listed on our demo web site at . As part of our service, when we migrate you to LibLime Koha, our team will work with you to help you customize your web presence to complement your larger organization.

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